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What You Need to Know about Alcohol Addiction


Alcoholism is a serious problem that is affecting so many people today. While alcohol makes a person feel good, it can have adverse effects is the drinking is not controlled. However, alcohol addiction can be accelerated by underlying conditions. Some people will become addicted sooner than others. However, every person is unique and, therefore, every alcohol addiction case is different.


According to alcoholism statistics, alcohol is one of the main addictive substance. But why is alcohol addictive? While taking alcohol comes with pleasure, it affects the brain. Drinking alcohol causes the release of endorphins which are the good feeling chemicals that occurs naturally in the brain. However, heavy drinkers will release more endorphins compared to light drinkers. When the brain releases more endorphins due to alcohol, the individual gets more pleasure and is likely to be alcoholic.


On the other hand, alcoholism statistics is a depressant for the CNS. Therefore, too much alcohol inhibits the overall brain activity. Drinking alcohol often will cause the brain to adapt to increased inhibition. At the same time, there is increased excitatory signaling. Over time, a person will need to drink more to get the same effect. Eventually, addiction or dependence sets in.


However, there are warning signs that a person is getting into alcoholism. Such signs would help detect possible alcohol abuse. Many signs of alcohol addiction are recognizable but others might be difficult to identify. The severity or level of alcohol abuse can determine the warning signs exhibited by a person. There are people who isolate themselves or drink in private which makes it difficult for family or friends to offer their help.


Also, mild alcohol abuse is likely to be overlooked. However, an issue that seems to be minor might eventually become dangerous over time. The early signs should, however, not be ignored. When proper intervention is done, successful alcohol addiction treatment is possible. If left untreated, the situation can get out of control so fast. To know more ideas on how to select the best rehab, go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rehabilitation.


Among the signs that will show a person is struggling with alcoholism are such as short-term memory loss, extreme mood swings, and irritability, as well as making excuses for drinking. Other signs are such as opting to drink above other obligations and responsibilities, drinking in secrecy, and feeling hangover if not drunk.


When you notice you or a loved one has such signs of alcohol addiction, an alcohol addiction rehab would be a good consideration. With proper intervention, alcoholism can be treated.